Yes, This GIF Takes 1,000 Years to Play Till the End

verybody loves GIFs. We know that and you know it too. Period. But, what if you are treated with one that lasts 1,000 years? 

We are talking about artist Juha van Ingen and Janne Särkelä’s new project called As Long As Possible. They have made a humongous 12GB GIF that counts from 1 to 48,140,288 ar a regular 10-minute interval.
Thus, the GIF will take about 1,000 years to complete. Do you have this much patience to watch it till the end? Even if you agree to do so, you won’t be alive to watch its last frame.
These artists are inspired by John Cage’s weird organ project that is playing right now in Germany that would last for another 600 years.
It should be noted that GIF will complete 30 years in 2017 and the artists are planning to hit the play button in the same year. Thus, this extremely long GIF will be ending in the year 3017.
Juha van Ingen and Janne Särkelä are trying to fund their project to display it to the public.
van Ingen tells more, “We’re talking about making it run for such a long time that the people who see it finish will have long forgotten about TV or the Internet. Isn’t that mind-blowing?”
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