World’s Top Most Valuable Tech Brands: Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM

SP’s: Inter-brand’s list of world’s most popular brands is out and it reaffirms the notion that technology companies are dominating the world. Take a look at the most valuable tech companies list here.

The renowned consultancy firm Inter-brand has rolled out its new report of the world’s most valuable tech brands. As expected, several technology companies have found a place in this list and it shows the influence of technology companies’ influence.
The likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM have found the place at the top of the charts. Apple and Google have captured the top spots for the third year in a row.

Some other notable technology companies in the charts are:

Microsoft (#4)
IBM (#5)
Samsung (#7)
Amazon (#10)
Intel (#14)
Cisco (#15)
Oracle (#16)
HP (#18)
Facebook (#23)
eBay (#32)
Adobe (#68)
Huawei (#88)
PayPal (#97)
Lenovo (#100)

Out of the 100 listed companies on the Interbrand’s list, 28 are the technology companies. PayPal and Lenovo have appeared on the list from the first time.

Take a look at the complete list here: Interbrand

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