World’s Smallest General Purpose Computer SOLU Wants to Change the Computing

SP’s: Kristoffer Lawson of Finland has come up with the world’s smallest general-purpose computer- Solu. It is backed by Advanced cloud-linked OS, an intuitive user interface and a unique subscription model. Also, it is portable and has been carved on wooden design giving it a magnificent look.

Kristoffer Lawson, who is the co-founder of Holvi, from Finland, has come up with the world’s smallest general-purpose computer – Solu.
Yes, you read it right! This revolutionary OS, backed up by an intuitive user interface and a unique subscription model, gives you the power and freedom to get things done. Anytime. Anywhere.

So what makes Solu unique?

Advanced cloud-linked OS makes it possible to trade local file systems for a large multi-GB cache of the Solu cloud. Besides, SoluCloud stores data, device status and application settings automatically, thereby proving to be time efficient. Also, it enables offline use and native access to hardware. So, now you need not worry about maintenance, backups and installations!
Portability: Solu is a pocket-sized computer and hence is portable. Another additional feature is that it can be connected to a screen and keyboard for a full desktop experience. Also, it is aided with zoomable interface, incredible accuracy and amazing contrast.
Now you can say goodbye to all your premiums and in-app purchases as Solu offers unlimited access to apps for a small monthly fee.
Unique Design: A part of the device is made from real wood which adds to its uniqueness.

Other Technical Specifications:

Screen – 1440 x 1440, 450ppi, with an edge-to-edge touch
External display – support for up to 4K monitors
Processor – 2.3GHz NVIDIA 4-Plus-1™ quad-core ARM® Cortex™-A15 CPU™
Graphics – NVIDIA Kepler™ GPU with 192 NVIDIA CUDA® cores
Cache capacity – 32GB
Connectivity – Dual-band 2×2 MIMO WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0, and USB Type C
Battery – 1200 mAh
Dimensions – 102mm (4.02in) x 102mm (4.02in) x 13mm (0.512in)
Operating System – SoluOS
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