UBER planning for flying cars in 10 years

Most of the auto mobile industries is planning to develop self driven cars but Uber is testing something new to their customers “FLYING CARS”. Yes, it is true Uber is all to go with their latest technology of taking their services to the air. The $68 billion company is in very much of an excitement to tell their dream project to their customers in a white paper published in the Uber website .

The company has introduced ‘Uber Elevate’ which is their flying cars division. The new technology will be available to the customers within 10 years. A trip from Los angles to Canada, which would almost be three hours by car, would be a 25-minute flight. The aviation technology developed by the company will be first in the world. Uber will be aiming high to get new customers attracted to them.

An ordinary trip in the car will take almost 2 hours to cover 120 km but this will not be the end. We can never predict any traffic jams in our route or any types of other dis function in the road. While taking a trip in the air wont be much of a problem with time, we can cover 120 km in just 15 minutes.

Uber will be reliyng on VTOLs technology which is an electric aircraft that take off and land vertically. The VTOLs technology will be cheaper and environment friendly as they are running in electricity and not using natural gas. The technology will be used only in cars. Well trained pilots will be appointed to drive the vehicle. The company will need some air-traffic control mechanism in places where the vehicle should travel.

A 45-mile  VTOL would take almost $21, which is cheaper than any taxi  service. And the journey would be only 15 minutes.

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