Tim Cook: Gear Up For The All Powerful 4th-Gen Apple TV

SP’s: Tim Cook revealed that the wait for the all powerful fourth generation Apple TV is almost over. The shipment is due next week. So are you guys ready for an unprecedented TV experience?

Tim Cook showed the world a glimpse of the future at its iPhone 6S launch event stage last month. On the big screen, people saw an all powerful and ever intelligent fourth-generation Apple TV, thanks to Siri.

Finally, the wait is over. Apple CEO Tim Cook, in his interview to the WSJ, revealed that the new Apple TV will soon be hitting the markets. The shipment of the tvOS powered Apple TV is due next week. For those who are still wondering what good will the “4th-gen-Apple TV” bring with itself, just wait to see what it can do.

Apple TV is hailed as the future of television. With its touch-sensitive remote, TV-optimized version of iOS, Apple’s Proactive search and features like fast forwarding and rewinding in the Apple remote are aimed to give you a complete control over the machine. And with Siri at your command, you know who the boss is.

Tim Cook explains in his interview that the TV experience is still a decade behind that of smartphones (he clearly said iPhones though). Apple TV is prophesied to revolutionize our television habits.

Till it arrives, let’s sit back and wait for the revolution to hit the stores.

Via: WSJ

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