This Bike is World’s Fastest Human-powered Vehicle that Just Broke 85 MPH

Today, we are going to tell you about the world’s fastest human-powered vehicle that just broke the 85mph barrier. Know about this amazing bike Eta and watch the video below.

On a bright Thursday morning in Battle Mountain, Nevada, at 16th annual World Human Powered Speed Challenge, Eta speedbike broke the 200-meter men’s record of world’s fastest human-powered vehicle. The WHPSC is a challenge where cyclists give their best to break the pedal-powered speed records.
This is the 16th event of its kind where this vehicle challenged the previous record of 83.13 miles per hour. The record is made by a 3-year-old Toronto-based design firm, AeroVelo.
This firm’s bike is unusual in many ways. It looks weird, like a kayak from the sideways and it’s world’s fastest human-powered vehicle that made the new 85.71mph speed.

Eta speedbike is a 55-pound and aerodynamic bike. The outer shell is made of carbon-honeycomb and its frame is made of carbon fiber. For navigation, the pilot uses an on-screen display, which is aided by 2 SD cameras.
Take a look at the amazing video below and tell your views:

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