New Tesla Car Scores Insane 103 Out Of 100 In Consumer Report Rating

SPR’s: At the Consumer Reports evaluation, the all-wheel electric car Tesla P85D garnered an unthinkable 103 out of 100 due to a combined performance of a supercar and comfort of a luxury car while staying true to its cause of energy efficiency.
Tesla is driving the car market crazy. With its superior show of speed, safety and energy efficiency, the new Tesla Model S P85D has broken all the records to create a rather insane one. At the Consumer Reportsevaluation, the all-wheel electric car garnered an unthinkable 103 out of 100. Thereby, shattering previous set standards of perfection.

The new Tesla sedan displayed exceptional performance as it zoomed to 60 miles an hour in just 3.5 seconds, thanks to the car’s “Insane Mode”. The company, headed by billionaire Elon Musk plans to build cars with the performance of a supercar and comfort of a luxury car while staying true to its cause of energy efficiency. Tesla has always taken a stand for energy conservation and sustainable development which their new idea to powerhouses with solar energy reflect.
The new P85D with its freakish performance has made both its consumers as well as the judges go crazy. The car goes from 0 to 1.02 G’s in less than a quarter of a second, which is comparable to the human brain’s reaction time.
Wait, the acceleration game is not over yet. Elon Musk has released an even faster “Ludicrous Mode” that takes the car from 0 to 60 miles in only 2.8 seconds. Well, that definitely sounds ludicrous.
Elon Musk runs many projects including a space research organization SpaceX, that aims to revolutionize space expeditions.
Due to the sedan’s unprecedented performance, the Consumer Reports had to reassess its criterion for judging the cars on the basis of acceleration and efficiency.
The Tesla Model P85D has set the new benchmark for the upcoming cars. And that goes for its cost as well. The base price for the P85D is $105,500 while the test vehicle costs about $127,820.
This is not the first time Tesla cars have got reviews like that. Since last two years, the Model S has topped the Consumer Reports survey scoring 99 and 98 out of 100. Tesla has taken the competition to a whole new level this time.
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