MIT And Samsung Making Almost Perfect “Indefinite” Battery Lifetime

SPR: MIT and Samsung have discovered a way to increase the battery life “indefinitely”. Replacing the liquid electrolyte with the solid state electrolyte might do the trick of indefinite battery lifetime, and would mean a revolution in the battery industry.
As of today, we have got the best of the technology. The smartphones are getting smarter with each passing day, but the problem that still remains as petulant is the battery problem.

But, according to this new development, the days of frequent charging will soon be a thing of the past. MIT and Samsung have partnered in an effort to make batteries with “indefinite” lifetime. Research is going on to bring in innovative methods like WiFi charging for smartphones as well.
The battery has three basic components. One of those is the liquid electrolyte. The scientists have discovered a way to create an indefinite battery lifetime by replacing the liquid electrolyte with a solid-state electrolyte.
The findings are being termed by the MIT as a “game changer” for the battery industry. The solid state electrolyte will protect the battery from the degradation due to continuous charging and discharging cycles eventually making its lifespan much longer, “hundreds of thousands of cycles” to be exact. That would mean bye-bye inflated phone batteries as well.
Also, the problem with conventional batteries such as overheating and flammable potencies are not encountered in the solid electrolyte battery. The power capacity in the solid state electrolyte batteries is also 20 to 30 percent higher.
So, this achievement would mean you can afford to forget your charger from now on.
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