Microsoft: “Be Patient With Windows 10, We Are Not Yet Done”

Microsoft’s “Windows 10 as a service” policy is being received with some criticism. Responding to this, Microsoft has said that Windows 10 is a work in progress and such things take time to improve. 

Windows 10 is the latest and final iteration of Microsoft’s operating system Windows. The operating system is being praised for its new and innovative features, but the regular and continuous update feature isn’t being loved by all.
With Windows 10, Microsoft has adopted a new model to provide software as a service to deliver the updates and changes at a faster pace. It’s still very early to comment on the model, but Redmond is facing some criticism over these fast and forced updates.
Microsoft has tried to explain its position by saying that users should be patient with Windows 10 as the company is continuously improving the product and such big changes take time.
The new builds and fast-ring updates are sent to users using the Windows Insider program. Gabriel Aul, head of the program, responded on Twitter that the development process is never completed.
@JAravindhan @AhmedHAlsaeed Not everything can be implemented easily or quickly. Development is continuous though, it’s not all or nothing.
— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) September 21, 2015
Aul wrote: “Not everything can be implemented easily or quickly. Development is continuous though, it’s not all or nothing.” I agree with Aul to a certain extent as big features require more time to develop and rigorous testing is required. With Windows 10, Microsoft has ditched the usual business model and adopted Windows as a service.
@SvenBeckhaus It’s a continuous program. — Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul)September 21, 2015
Earlier, Windows chief Terry Myerson, repeated the same things in July. He said, “In this world, Windows 10 is continuously improved and keeps getting better and better – for our consumer and business customers.”
“We are not yet done, we will never be done,” Myerson said.
It should be noted that Windows 10 is expected to receive a major update this in the upcoming months. This release will bring some of the most awaited improvements in Windows 10, including Microsoft Edge extensions and a desktop messaging app.
Do you agree with Microsoft? Should Windows 10 be given more time before preparing a report card? Tell your views in the comments below.

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