How to install Instagram on your PC

Instagram have been used by us to share our personal pictures and videos. The usage of Instagram is increasing day by day many users are installing and using this application daily. Instagram also provides us many types of filters and photo editing tools.  Instagram was first launched in Android and ios but many of us have a doubt that if it can be used in our PC (both Windows and Mac). Yes, we can definitely use Instagram on our PC. Instagram can be installed in your PC using ‘Blue stack‘.

Click on the link below to download and install Blue stack on you PC.


After installing Blue stack you have to download the Instagram application from the Google play store.

Download  Instagram play store

It is the same process we do in our Android and iOS devices (check internet connection before the installation process).

After downloading Instagram Install the application and launch the application and do not forget to log in to your account

Posting photos on Instagram

Take pictures from your webcam or you can browse from your computer by clicking the gallery button on the bottom of the screen. After uploading the photo you can edit your pictures with different photo editing filters available on the application.

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