India’s Technology at its 68th republic

Today we celebrate the 68th Republic day of India. The Information Technology field of India have been developed rapidly over the past 10 years. India is listed as one of the top technology field in the world. Indian has developed many new technologies. The Indian space research center ISRO have been launched space crafts even to mars to study about its geographical features. The communication sector have witnessed a growth of 50% in a few years, which is a the biggest growth in any country in the world. Let us find out the latest trends and technologies in the developing India.

Make in India

The government of India had taken initiative to produce all the foreign products in India itself. This will grow the production sector, export sector etc. India will become a global hub for manufacturing products. As an initiative APPLE will be producing in Bangalore India from this year on wards. Huge investors capital will flow to India when this initiative is taken place.

When the products are made in India the price of the products decreases and there will be a huge increase of sales in every sector this will be an industrial revolution in India. From February 13 to 18 the government of India is conducting a mega event called ‘Make in India Week’ in Mumbai. This will be a step towards a digital India.


The E-commerce in India is developing rapidly. India is the third startup country in the world (after US and UK). The huge growth of E-commerce is due to the increase of mobile phones and internet connections, as the people have more interactions to the digital world they become more familiar with the technologies. The online shopping and money transactions is giving them a good idea about the E-commerce sector. Online applications like ‘Paytm’, ‘Mobikwik’ etc is helping people to make a user friendly environment with the payment of their daily needs.

The Indian E-commerce will hit more than $38 Billion this year and the mobile commerce will give a contribution of more than 70% in the revenue. The Government of India is taking so many initiatives to develop the E-commerce sector and we can say it is a major success to the people in India.

Smart city technology

India will be developing 20 smart cities in this year the IoT (Internet of Things) will be making a big contribution for the development. The multinational company Cisco will take initiatives to connect people around India with a lesser cost. “The Internet of Everything for Cities” is the name given by Cisco to their dream project.

The Indian government is planning to invest $15 Billion to their smart city project in Kochi. The smart city will be consisting of a city within a city. The communication technologies will be much more easily available to the people.

Happy Republic Day

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