Google’s Humanoid Robot ‘Atlas’ Stomps Through The Forests

Short Bytes: Google/Alphabet has cut loose its humanoid Atlas out in the open to get some sun. The Google humanoid sees the world with the same technology as the Google’s self-driving car.
Machines are rising and they are rising fast. The recent news of robot crushing a man to death in Germany, robots showing self-awareness, Hawking calling for a ban on AI warfare, and with many more of such sorts are already making people apprehensive of the advancing technology or to be more precise artificial intelligence.

Google/Alphabet, on the other hand, is big on investing in technology and creating autonomous machines such as self-driving cars. This time Alphabet’s subsidiary Boston Dynamics has let its six-foot humanoid robot Atlas cut loose in the woods.
The 300lb robot in the video can be seen stomping its way in the forest with a power cable tethered to its back. Atlas running in the woods reminisces of G I Joe’s exoskeletons. Engineers at Boston Dynamics are working to get a better power source for the Atlas with funding from DARPA.
The current drill is to make Google’s humanoid learn how to find its way out in the world. Atlas’s “eyes” is the laser radar system which is similar to Google’s self-driving car.
The society where robots are jogging out in the open seems to have finally arrived. But, it still looks as if it is 20 to 30 years more when will see robots or humanoids per say, hanging out amongst us.
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