Google Has a New Trick for You, Try it Right Now and Kill Your Time

Google has made a new addition to its fun tricks list. Just Google “fun facts” or i’m feeling curious”, and get a dynamic answer box that gives new fun facts each time you ask for more.

ompared to Google, an ordinary person knows almost nothing. Google can tell you the weather outside your home, the location of your gift package, or you can even ask some genius question to get a job offer at Google. The company also knows that our weird human race gets bored easily. So, if you are looking to kill some time, Google’s new trick is here to help you.
If you simply search “fun facts” or “i’m feeling curious”, the search engine giant displays a dynamic answer box before the other search results, and show a random fun fact in the form of a question and its answer.
The short and fun answer is accompanied with a link to the complete content. Below that, you can see a button saying “Ask another question” that will return a new search result with a new fun fact in the dynamic answer box.
After telling me about the possibility of a sunburn on a cloudy day, Google told me the average number of hairs on a human head when I clicked on the ask another question button.
If you are having doubts about Google’s ability to keep you entertained, take a look at few more fun facts Google showed me:
How much is the Mona Lisa painting worth 2014?
What was the first animated film to be nominated for an Oscar?
What causes the holes in Swiss cheese?
Why does your stomach growl when you are hungry?
Is a mongoose immune to snake venom?
and here’s one more…..
How many glasses of milk does a cow produce in its lifetime?
I hope that these fun questions have already convinced you- and you are on Google’s homepage reading some fun facts, yawning, and killing your time.

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