Facebook Has Launched Security Key to Protect Facebook Account

On Thursday, January 26th, Facebook announced a new way to make your Facebook account further secure and free from theft and hacking. Given that nearly half of the world’s population uses Facebook, it is no surprise that hackers and people who want to cause someone trouble and harm are looking for ways to hack in to someone’s Facebook account. It is the place where you are connected to most of your circle and you have people from work, institutions, friends and family everyone is in touch with you and they have all your things visible to them that you choose to make visible. A huge number of people depend on their Facebook account in many ways. Some people have businesses running on Facebook through the pages and one can only imagine how harmful it would be if someone uses your password to sneak in to your account and ruins things for you in ways one can only imagine.

So if you have been a victim or if you want to add an extra layer of protection, then this news is for you. Now a physical USB like key is added to your account and in case you have to log in to your Facebook from a different location, you need that key. Like always, since Facebook has announced this extra feature, a lot of users seem to have started complaining about keeping a physical key. Their concern is that it is not possible to carry around a tiny physical key with you at all times. This issue has not been considered and paid attention to by Facebook so far and they have continued to work towards the implementation of the new key.

We tried to find out what the security key is like and logged in to Facebook and went ahead with setting our key and it turned out that Mozilla Firefox and few others do not have the access to this feature and you need Google Chrome internet browser to activate a key for your Facebook account. It doesn’t harm as most Windows users already have both alternatives in their PCs but one wonder why is that so.  You can find the ‘activate key’ option in your security settings, and it is not a difficult or tricky process. You just have to do it like you would change your password. A lot of cases in the Facebook account theft and hacking have revealed that it is not a group of hackers that would go after Facebook accounts and usually it is ex husbands, ex boyfriends, ex wives, ex girlfriends and similar people who try to sneak in to someone’s account, make fake profiles and try to cause harm to people’s reputation due to jealousy or revenge.

Now, if one tries to sneak in your account, you will get a notification just like you would when someone tries to enter your password and it does not work. Let us just agree that Facebook has always been working on making the Facebook experience better and saver for everyone, and it has always been paying a lot of attention to security since the beginning. If someone tried to log in to your Facebook account even several years ago, Facebook had the most advanced solutions and strategies to deal with it. It not only notified you that someone just tried to sneak in to your Facebook account, it also gave you the location from where the sneaker tried to log in. Even if that person is across the other side of the world, you will be shown the location on a map.

Back in those days, technology did not go so far in providing best security solutions to the users and even now, Facebook wants you to know that even if someone imposing to be your relative but he is not and he is just trying to get your password and personal information, and you accidently fill the information in a third party form that apparently looked like Facebook, you are safe. That person will need a security key to have access to your personal account. It will make the Facebook experience better and people will feel more secure in sharing things on the website.

Facebook is always up to something to improve the experience for its users, this is why ever since Facebook was introduced, many social media websites existed even then and many came up till now but Facebook is the most popular and the most secured widely used social media network where millions of people are connected and they take advantage of the every evolving features. Some might still find keeping a physical key a little too much and bit difficult to keep it around but it sure is better than leaving your account not so secure and always on a threat. Facebook has given some simple tips relating to keeping your account secure on their website:

  1. Try not to use your Facebook account in many places and do not log in to your account from multiple devices especially public computers.
  2. Keep your password using a mix of difficult words and symbols but it should be something that you will not forget. It should be easy to guess by anyone, avoid common words.
  3. Facebook says that it will never send you an email or a message requiring your information such as your person details, passwords or credit card number in an email. If you do receive something, send it to them to investigate and delete the email.
  4. Use their new features as well as their extra features to make your account further safe and secure.

Facebook is always very safe and secure and with its customizable security and privacy you can be certain that if you are following the safety drill, you will have a good experience using Facebook. It is only about a matter of time and we will be seeing another new security change and it will go on with the passing time.

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