Don’t Like Your Recorded Sound? Science Has The Explanation

listening to own recorded voice
Listening myself on an audio or a video is really harsh for me. And each time I’m like, seriously dude, is that guy me!! Then I realized I am not the only one dismayed by what I hear. Others experience the same thing too, with their voice.
There is a scientific explanation as to why we feel our own recorded voice as different. While listening to other people, the vibrations coming from outside hit our eardrums and inner ears which are then converted to recognizable sound by our brain.
But when we hear ourselves speak,  in addition to the above phenomenon, we hear the sound vibrations through our own flesh and bones. This gives the added bass to our sound because the higher frequencies are toned down.
istening to recorded voice
We have heard ourselves for the whole lifetime through our own head. That is the reason why our own audio recording sounds more high pitched and weird. 
The same goes with the way we see ourself. Seeing your image in the mirror for a long time and then, looking at the photograph does quite a trick with your brain too.
But you need not worry because everyone around you has grown accustomed to your voice and it now seems perfectly normal to them.
So do not get fazed from your actual voice. You never know who might just love it.
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Source: Fossbyte

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