Bluetooth Button will Call Cortana on Windows 10

cortana button windows 10

After the launch of Windows 10, Cortana is the most popular feature for this OS. Cortana is a virtual digital assistant of Microsoft’s Windows 10 including Windows Phone and PCs. Microsoft also unveiled the feature of Hey Cortana for this Windows 10. This features also consumes lots of battery in PCs. After this Satechi has unveiled the Bluetooth Button for Cortana.

It is small black button with blue circle like cortana logo . If you press this button , it will access Cortana without turning the Hey Cortana Feature. When we will press the Cortana Button , users will be able to start cortana, check weather status and many other features.

The size of this button is very small and we can attach it to our Key Chain, Car Steering.
With the help of this button you can control the lights and door locks in your Home. BT Cortana Button is set to launch in the month of August and the price will be $22.99 

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