Best Charging Cable for Your Smartphone Under .5k or 500inr or $10

Nowadays people are much mad about the Data Cables as well, there are a lot of brands manufacturing the Data Sync and Charging Cable.

SO Today we have some Good News for you if you are tired of Damaging your Charging Cable.

I found this amazing magnetic Charging Cable on the internet which comes under the budget of every Indian smartphone user.

most of the people are in love with the MacBook charging Adapter which is Called MacSafe which has 1.0 in earlier MacBooks and in the later version we have MacSafe 2.0. MacSafe cable charge protects your device from the charging port damage because it’s a magnetic charger, it gets disconnect if hold your device in an improper way. SO it won’t damage your Device.


So Let me tell you What I found Over the Internet –

Here it is
MM GOLD Branded Magnetic High Speed charge Micro USB Cable

This cable may keep your Phone and the cable safe from damaging the device and itself also.

This Cable comes in many Different Colour Option Avail over the Shopping Sites. This Cabel comes with two sockets one is Micro USB which being used by most of the Android And Windows Smartphones and about another is 8 pin Lighting port which is used in the iPhones later iPhone 4s.

  • Suitable for iPhones, Tablets, Laptops, Android phones and countless other devices
  • 2 in 1 USB Charging and data sync cable
  • 100% customer Satisfaction
  • Magnetic plug ensures a good connection every time

To buy this interesting Cable you go to the Link Given Below…..

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