Arrested 14-year-old Kid Now Invited By Obama, Google and Facebook

Ahmed Mohamed-arrested-at-school
Ahmed Mohamed is out and released without any charges against him. He was earlier arrested because his school authorities mistook his engineering project for a bomb. Yet another instance of racial prejudice.

The news of a 14-year-old kid arrested for allegedly bringing a bomb to a school has been trending for quite some time now. (P.S. It was just a homemade clock). And what could have led the authorities to mistake the circuit board and wires for a bomb? Probably that he was a Muslim child.
Ahmed Mohamed, by the way, is quite proud of his engineering achievement and police have decided not to press charges against the kid. Thank you sir!
With all the humanitarian crisis in parts of the world, you get a feeling that something is very wrong somewhere. The big compassionate talks do not obscure the constant prejudice faced by certain sects of the society, as we have been a witness to in many instances.
After #IStandWithAhmed went viral, many sympathies poured in for the boy and the US President Mr Barack Obama has tweeted to bring the “cool clock” to the White House.

Later, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook appreciated Ahmed’s engineering skills and invited him to Facebook.


Google has invited Ahmed to attend the Google Science Fair this weekend and asked him to bring his clock specifically.  

As of now, Ahmed is happy and positive after the incident which would have been a torturous experience for any kid. Ahmed replied to his supporters with a tweet of his own stating the sad reality of the racial inequalities children like him had to face everyday.
Listen what Ahmed had to say about all this.
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