Antivirus Software Maker John McAfee is Running for President

John McAfee plans to run for the next US presidential elections in 2016. He has created his own “Cyber Party”, and promises to save the US citizens from mindless surveillance.

If your computer were at risk or had a threat been detected, McAfee could be a possible choice for you. But, if you have the feeling that your privacy is at risk and the situation sees no ends, then what!
McAfee Security founder John McAfee, saddened by the escalation in the spying programs by the government agencies and the infringement of the citizens’ rights is planning to run for the United States’ president.
He tweeted to make an official announcement later today.
We will have our official announcement at 6pm Eastern tomorrow
— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) September 8, 2015
John McAfee plans to run for the 2016 Presidential elections under his own created “Cyber Party”. He looks pretty motivated and owns his confidence to his friends and followers. He remarks that he decided to run for the president after being encouraged by “almost everyone” he knows and had met.
McAfee will soon release his “Cyber Party” manifesto and make a point through his stringent privacy backing policies. McAfee says he has filed his Form 2 with the FEC, although FEC are yet to confirm that.
The anti-virus maker views strong resentment against the Obama government, its unhealthy obsession with terrorism and the counter measures adopted leading to mindless surveillance and violation of people’s rights.
Big talks. Well, let’s see how he does at the campaign.
Would you want John McAfee as the US President? Before you make up your mind, watch the video below where John McAfee tells how to uninstall McAfee Antivirus from your PC:

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